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Project Safidy

Our Vision

For young people in Madagascar to have access to good quality, rights-based sexual and reproductive health education, and be empowered to advocate for their own sexual and reproductive wellbeing.

Our Mission

To design, implement and deliver a rights-based SRH curriculum alongside the Ministry of National Education in schools across Madagascar, while building a strong and sustainable network of influential sexual and reproductive health partners.

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Students in an SRHR class

What We Do

Safidy is rooted in the premise that young people across Madagascar have a human right to choose: to choose when to engage in sexual activities and with whom; to choose when to use contraception and which ones; and to choose to safeguard their health through access to services.

Through a combination of a series of curriculum ‘testing’ pilots, and workshops with the Ministry of National Education (MEN), Safidy has developed a rights-based curriculum encompassing 12 comprehensive and context appropriate topics. These topics are:

1. Puberty 7. Vaginal Fistula
2. Menstrual Hygiene Management 8. Cervical Cancer
3. Early Pregnancy 9. Early Marriage
4. STIs and HIV 10. Sexual Abuse
5. Communication 11. Gender Equality
6. Consent 12. Advocacy

Alongside the MEN and our partner organisations, Project Safidy aims to pilot this curriculum in 13 out of the 22 regions of Madagascar. Based on the data collected from this pilot, the curriculum will be refined to improve its reach and impact before ultimately being incorporated into the national curriculum of Madagascar. 

Seeking to reach 5,000 young people across Madagascar by the end of the 2017-2018 school year, Project Safidy hopes to firmly establish an SRHR Network of partners who will actively engage in the main SRHR issues affecting young people in Madagascar today, and work together to provide a targeted and efficient response.