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‘Train the Trainer’ Workshop in Antananarivo

‘Train the Trainer’ Workshop in Antananarivo

Saturday 7th April 2018

By Tara Shoham

With Project Safidy’s national SRHR curriculum pilot set to commence at the start of April 2018, SEED Madagascar, alongside the Ministry of National Education (MEN), hosted a ‘train the trainer’ workshop in Antananarivo with MEN representatives and implementing pilot partner organisations in early March 2018. Workshop participants were trained on the SRHR curriculum content, the monitoring and evaluation strategy, and their specific role in the national pilot.

Over the two-day training, the MEN provided all attendees with an overview of the curriculum content. Participants engaged in teacher-student role-plays using the provided curriculum to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the content, teaching methods, and possible student questions. Reflection and discussion on the role-play activity highlighted some of the challenges partners may face when implementing the curriculum in a real life setting. One of those challenges included addressing the taboo of discussing certain SRH topics and terminology. With guidance from the MEN and the Project Safidy team, the training workshop identified strategies to combat and overcome these challenges and to bolster teacher confidence and comfort when addressing some of these sensitive topic areas.

The second day of the training was spent outlining Project Safidy's monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) strategy, and the partners' role in its implementation. The MEL specialist from SEED Madagascar presented the various tools developed to measure the effects of the SRHR curriculum on student learning. The MEL strategy includes student and teacher baseline and endline surveys, and a lesson implementation log. The presentation also included guidance on best practice for data collection, entry and storage. Also discussed were the Malagasy translations of the surveys, which were originally written in English. Partners and MEN officials debated certain terminology and the phrasing of various questions to ensure students and teachers in all 13 regions of the national pilot would have a comprehensive understanding of all of the survey questions.

Following the two-day ‘train the trainer’ session, partner organisations were invited to SEED Madagascar's Antananarivo office for an active demonstration on data entry using the online template developed by the MEL Specialist. This session ensured partner organisations felt confident in their ability to collect, record and store sensitive data from the national pilot.

The three days of training imparted vital knowledge and understanding of the SRHR curriculum as well as the skills and information needed to successfully implement the MEL strategy. Furthermore, the activities over the course of the week served as not only a space to build the capacity and confidence of the participants, but also as an opportunity for the MEN and Project Safidy to receive vital feedback to further improve and refine materials for the national pilot

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