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SRHR Conference: Day 1

SRHR Conference: Day 1

Friday 15th November 2019

By Tsinjo Rahaingoarivelo

Project Safidy's Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) conference kicked off on Wednesday 6th November 2019, with speeches from the UK Ambassador to Madagascar, Phillip Boyle, Professor Gaëtan Duval Solofomalala, the Director General of Provision of Care at the Ministry of Public Health, and Lisa Bass, Director of Programmes and Operations at SEED Madagascar.

With 114 representatives from 52 organisations in attendance, panel discussions covered topics such as; SRHR as a lever for development, legal frameworks, and socio-anthropological approaches to promoting SRHR in Madagascar.

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The first panel focusing on "SRHR as one of the levers for Madagascar's development " gathered: 

- Dr Edith Boni-Outtara, Chief Technical Specialist Reproductive Health of UNFPA Madagascar

- Dr Paul-Richard Ralainirina, Country Director of Health Policy Plus Madagascar

- Dr Onisoa Ralidera, Country Lead of WISH2ACTION Options Madagascar

- Hary Rasolomanana, Comprehensive Sexual Education Program Coordinator, UNESCO Madagascar

- Dr Haingo Ramananjanahary, Chief of Family Planning Service at Ministry of Public Health

and discussion moderated by Eliane Razafimandimby, Country Director of JHPiego Madagascar.

This first panel informed about Demographic Dividend impact toward a country development, and aim to advocate for local and national organisations involvement in SRHR information and service provision.

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