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SRHR Actors For Increased Development of Young People


SRHR, everyone’s concern!

SRHR, everyone’s concern!

Tuesday 7th April 2020

By Miora Ratsimbazafy

SRHR is a cross-cutting approach that also affects a number of sectors including youth, population, gender and the demographic dividend. Everyone is concerned.

On the other hand, even for people working in this field, its definition remains ambiguous and disparate. Thus, for a pooling of the approach, a meeting bringing together most of the SRHR stakeholders in Madagascar was held on Wednesday September 11, 2019. It was also an information and consultation meeting on the implementation of a SRHR network gathering national and international organizations. The meeting was attended by 38 organizations including 04 ministerial entities (education, public health, population-social protection-promotion of women, youth and sports). It was presented at this meeting that the SRHR Network aims to strengthen information sharing and exchange such as resources, to promote experience sharing and capacity building and especially to coordinate advocacy for SRHR in Madagascar.

To ensure the sustainability of the network, a SWOT analysis was conducted during the meeting to identify the various aspects that could contribute to its sustainability. The need for a clear definition of the network's mandate was highlighted.

The next steps in the implementation of the SRHR network are then the definition of its terms of reference, the mobilization of organizations wishing to become co-founders alongside SEED Madagascar, the initiator of the network, and the holding of the SRHR Conference in November 2019.

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