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Contraception, a right to argue!

Contraception, a right to argue!

Tuesday 7th April 2020

By Miora Ratsimbazafy

« Family Planning, my life my responsibility » was the theme of the celebration of World Contraception Day on September 26, 2019 at gymnase Ankorondrano Antnananarivo. An event organised by the Ministry of Public Health, in collaboration with several national and international NGOs working in the health and well-being sector.

Madagascar has witnessed some decisive improvements in the progress of family planning through its commitment to FP2020, which aims to increase contraceptive prevalence to 50% and halve unmet need for family planning. Contraception is a right already acquired for a large part of people of childbearing age in Western countries while it is still being democratized in the « Grande île ». In December 2017, the new law on family planning, which included access to family planning services for all people of reproductive age, was passed by the Lower House and the Upper House. It’s sure the advance is major but it will take, to be implemented, confrontation with conservative mores and political barriers.

Moreover, in the very patriarchal society of ours, where the role of women and girls of childbearing age is limited to reproduction, contraception allows these women and girls to freely dispose of their bodies and to control their fertility.

Contraception illustration.jpg

« I choose, therefore, I am », although contraception is a right, it is important to be able to choose the method that best suits everyone, considering the various constraints and preferences of those concerned. The current situation is such that it is not always easy to openly explain to health professionals their needs and to discuss with them sexuality and intimacy issues. It is therefore appropriate for each party to express themselves openly, without taboos or prejudices, on their wishes and barries to allow an informed, thoughtful and assumed choice of the method of contraception to adopt. Therefore, all contraceptive methods should be available and accessible to everyone.

Organizations that address sexual and reproductive health and rights relations are focusing on educating and informing young women and girls about their right to informed choice ; actions that remain silent without the support and collaboration of the male gender because contraception is the responsibility of the couple !

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