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Is it necessary to talk about a topic that is still a taboo in Madagascar?

Is it necessary to talk about a topic that is still a taboo in Madagascar?

Wednesday 8th April 2020

By Miora Ratsimbazafy

Adolescence is a sensitive stage, period when changes and first emotions happen. Fist hairs, periods and ejaculations, but also the raise of desire… Talking about puberty enables to well manage questions and emotions it involves, but questions related to sexual activities on the other hand remain harder to address. However, besides caresses and penetrations, all these sometimes practiced without thinking about the possible consequences such as unwanted pregnancy and infections. It is thus necessary to talk about these. Certainly, but whoshould talk about these?

Parents in particular, as such, are the first responsible of their children’s education. However, parents are sometimes not equipped with knowledge and skills to enable them to fulfil their duties. Parents are not prepared and are not capable of assuming the roles they are supposed to, such as openly discuss things sex to their children. Also, expectations of adolescents, young people and parents are often different in terms of sex. While lack of sex education at home is currently one of the causes that increases sexual, reproductive health issues of young people. Difficulty on addressing sex issues is a matter of letting yourself exploring them. According to the MICS 2018 study, 17.8% of girls and 10.5% of boys between 15-19 years old had sex the first time before they turned 15 and at their 18s, more than 50% are sexually active. It is not anymore necessary to address these but vital as the threat is real not imaginary. Sexual abstinence is imposed but it’s no longer a choice, masturbation, another sensitive topic as well as pornography. Discussion, respect and unconditional support from the surroundings are important to the well-being of adolescents and young people. It has to be a discussion in accordance to yourself as sex education is related to a more secure breakthrough of sex.

So then… let’s start to discuss, and the sooner the better. And let’s do it in a casual and natural way.

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