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Nationwide SRHR programme launched in 214 high schools

Nationwide SRHR programme launched in 214 high schools

Monday 21st January 2019

By Tsinjo Rahaingoarivelo

Madagascar’s Ministry of National Education (MEN), in partnership with Project Safidy, has launched its pilot of a national sexual and reproductive health (SRHR) curriculum. This programme is the first in Madagascar to take a rights-based approach to integrating sexual and reproductive health concepts in standard school classes like biological sciences, sports classes, citizenship education and literacy fields. It is now being taught in first-year classes in 214 high schools across the country.

To ensure that the programme effectively promotes the SRHR of young people, the MEN, alongside Safidy, will be conducting baseline surveys with students and teachers, gauging their SRHR knowledge, attitudes and advocacy. In each of the 13 high schools that will be evaluated, these surveys will be completed with 50 first-year students and five teachers who will be delivering the integrated SRHR topics in their classes. These surveys will reach 12 regions across Madagascar, with the MEN delivering surveys to 11 schools and Safidy delivering them to two in Fort Dauphin and Ambovombe.

To allow the MEN and Safidy to build capacity and exchange tools for monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL), an orientation session was led by Safidy in the capital city of Antananarivo on Tuesday, the 15 th of January. This session provided MEL training to the 12 MEN staff members who will be delivering the baseline surveys. By reviewing survey questions with the MEN, this session helped MEL facilitators to understand the survey content and prepared them to support participants in providing accurate, informative answers.

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