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Investing in girls and women

Investing in girls and women

Monday 26th October 2020

By Andy Rakotovao


Each year, on October 11th, we join the world to celebrate the International Day of Girls to advocate and uphold girls’ rights.

Asserting girls’ rights is also asserting adults women’s rights. October 11th reminds then the importance of girls’ rights, especially in terms of education so this latter can become actors in the economic development.

Girls and women are economical assets to many countries, unfortunately this resource is mostly untapped. Yet, equipping girls and women with skills, they can blossom in social and economic sphere and thus, contribute to the economic growth.

Government could invest in girls and women by:

-empowering girls though education: education is the root to build individual skills, skills that will contribute to the empowerment of girls. It has been demonstrated to many countries that women who attended years of primary education benefit of better economic opportunities.

-meeting the needs of women and girls in terms of reproductive health and family planning: improving reproductive health services and access to family planning is of great significance. That will increase the chance of girls to finish their study, which will reduce poverty. Access to information, support and services related to sexual and reproductive health and rights are important to enable responsible and healthy decision making.

-building women access to economic sphere: participation of women to economic life speeds up development, helps to overcome poverty and reduce inequality.

-support women and girls: supporting female gender is considering this latter as an actor of change within her family, community and country. It’s high time to go past cultural and social standards that hinder girls and women’s blossoming.

Let us support girls and women to make the world better for everyone.

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