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SRHR Conference: Call for asbstract

SRHR Conference: Call for asbstract

Friday 27th September 2019

By Tsinjo Rahaingoarivelo

In the framework of the SRHR Network establishment, a National SRHR Conference will be held in Antananarivo on the 6th – 7th November. This is an opportunity to share and discuss findings about SRHR successes, challenges, and opportunities in  Madagascar.
The Conference aim: 
-    to connect SRHR stakeholders 
-    to raise discussion through presentation of best practices, challenges and learning on SRHR activities.

The SRHR Network is interested in hearing about your work and learnings regarding SRHR in Madagascar or applicable contexts internationally. In particular, we would like to feature presentations, panels, posters or stalls by organisations about one or more of the following topics: 
1) Successful SRHR programmes, including advocacy or SRHR education; 
2) Challenges related to implementing SRHR programming; 
3) Innovations in SRHR programming, such as the use of new forms of Information and Communication Technology for reaching youth;
4) Any other topic related to SRHR programmes learning;

If your organisation is willing to share best practices, challenges and learning on SRHR activities,  please fill this abstract form by Wednesday 9th October 4pm.

Abstracts should be in French or English, with a maximum of 250 words. Please use single spacing and Times New Roman, 12-point font. Abstracts of research papers or case study should provide a brief description of research objectives, methodology, theory and summary of results and/or conclusions. Please do not include any charts, bibliographies or footnotes. Abstracts will be reviewed anonymously.

Please note that based on the number of submissions we receive back, only selected organisations will be able to present.
We will get back to your organisation by Wednesday 16th October and provide information and guidance on the preparation of your performance.

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