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SRHR Network

The SRHR Network brings together all civil society organizations working in the field of Health, Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Madagascar. The Network's mission is to improve the impact of interventions on SRHR by encouraging actors to join forces to take responsability for improving people's lives through sexual and reproductive health and rights.


Blue Ventures logo

Blue Ventures

Born in Madagascar in 2005, and as of now active in 9 countries, the British environmental organisation Blue Ventures focuses on the reconstruction of fisheries with coastal communities. It has developed an adaptive approach of environment conservation, which considers the needs of people that depend most on the oceans. This integrated ‘Health-Population-Environment’ approach combines local management of marine areas and fisheries reserves with reinforcement and creation of activities that generate income, and community health and education services. Since 2007, Blue Ventures has been contributing to the improvement of communities in terms of high quality fundamental health services, to enable them to coexist with their marine environment and be fully committed to the management of their resources.



ECPAT France or End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of children for sexual purposes is a non-governmental organisation, member of the ECPAT International network, established in Madagascar in 2012. Its mission is to fight against sexual exploitation of children in various forms: Exploitation of children for prostitution purposes, treatment of children for sexual exploitation purposes, productions of pornographic resources involving children, exploitation of children in tourism and trip.
Concretely, the structure with the support of its partners conducts the actions:
- Prevention of sexual violence to children (awareness, research, training of key actors, children clubs, groups of men)
- Accompanying children victims of sexual exploitation (psychological, social, medical, legal and economic support) and combat: advocacy, promotion of violence cases declaration.

Health Policy Plus

Health Policy Plus (HP+)

Health Policy Plus is a seven year agreement, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), since August 2015. Since April 2016, HP+ has been working in collaboration with USAID Madagascar to support the Malagasy Government through the Ministries of Public Health, of Economy and Finance, of Population, Social Protection and Promotion of Women, of Youth and Sports as well as the civil society. HP+ goal in Madagascar, reflecting HP+ goal, aims to improve the enabling environment for equitable and sustainable health services, supplies and delivery systems through the development and implementation of policies, emphasising on voluntary rights-based health programmes. And also, building the capacity of partners to operate in complex environment for effective policy design, implementation and financing according to their priorities.

FISA Madagascar

FISA Madagascar

FISA ‘Fianakaviana Sambatra’ or ‘Happy Family’ is a non-profit association working for the well-being of Malagasy families. FISA was created in 1976 and joined the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) in 1972.
As the first organisation that established the concept of family planning in Madagascar, FISA’s activities enabled a number of families of the Big Island to bring into application the practice of birth control. FISA works in 5 big cities of Madagascar, which are Antananarivo, Fianarantsoa, Mahajanga, Toamasina and Toliara as well as in 16 regions through its affiliate networks and community distribution agents.
FISA has been able to develop a range of family planning services to promote rights to Sexual and Reproductive Health, wherein young people from the Youth Action Movement (MAJ) take a prominent place.


Fikambanam-Behivavy Malagasy Mihoatra (FBMM)

FBMM or Fikambanam-Behivavy Malagasy Mihoatra – FBMM was created in March 2015 with the intention to protect women and children’s rights, especially of those from vulnerable social stratum that do not enjoy their fundamental rights. Since its creation up to present, the association has been focusing primarily on the acquisition and control of anything related to Women and Children’s rights.
Our mission is to protect women and children from disadvantaged background against any form of violation to their fundamental rights and work for the restoration of their rights into society.


IYAFP Madagascar

IYAFP or International Youth Alliance for Family Planning is a youth organisation promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights of adolescents and young people and also access to family planning for young people.
IYAFP is an initiative of a few young people who attended the International Conference on Family Planning in 2013 and works in 81 countries and have reached over 7500 young people around the world. In Madagascar, IYAFP was created in 2016.
Our goal is to ensure that all young people have access to high quality and without prejudice family planning services, as well as to comprehensive information on sexual and reproductive health.



JhPiego is a non-governmental organisation created in 1974 and based in the USA, affiliate to John Hopkins University. Jhpiego was registered in Madagascar in 2010.
We have a vision of an autonomous country, a healthy family and resilient communities.
Our mission is to create and provide transformative health services solutions that save lives.
Our field of expertise are: mothers, new-born and infant health, adolescents’ health, family planning and reproductive, prevention and treatment of cervical and breast cancer, prevention and control of infections: HIV, tuberculosis and emergent infectious diseases, prevention and treatment of malaria, safe surgery, strengthening health systems, gender and equality, digital health, innovation.


Médecins du Monde

Médecins du Monde France (MdM) is a humanitarian association working for health, carried out its first intervention in Madagascar in 1986.
Currently, the association is a particularly committed to the sexual and reproductive health topic. Since 2017, MdM has been working in Madagascar (Antananarivo) on the prevention and care of unwanted pregnancy as part the multi-country programme.
Overall, the project aims to contribute to the decrease of maternal mortality and morbidity related to the lack of access to high quality sexual and reproductive health services, in particular for adolescents and young people (10-24) through strengthening the roles of the civil society and public institutions actors related to the topic in Antananarivo, Madagascar.


Marie Stopes Madagascar

Marie Stopes International is an international organisation, whose goal is to promote sexual and reproductive health. Marie Stopes Madagascar works in the Big Island since 1992. Present in all 22 regions of Madagascar, they are working continually to address the needs of over 500,000 people each year in terms of reproductive health and family planning.

Marie Stopes Madagascar works hand in hand with the Malagasy Government, private sectors and non-governmental partners to provide a comprehensive range of sexual and reproductive health services, particularly contraception, maternal health, childbirth, prenatal and postnatal healthcare, general health consultations and sexually transmitted infections testing. Marie Stopes Madagascar works particularly for those in rural areas and the most disadvantaged so they are able to benefit high quality products and services.


Plateforme des Fédérations des Personnes Handicapées de Madagascar (PFPH MAD)

PFPH/MAD or Federations of Disable People Platform of Madagascar aims to promote the inclusion of disabled people and to uphold their rights, and work as representative with various public and private organisations, national and international.
Our vision, by 2030, is that the inclusion of disabled people and the respect of their rights within the community are improved through the actions of the federations of disabled people platform. An essential, plausible, autonomous, accountable platform that accompanies the federations actively in their own development.



Since 2014, PIVOT has been working in collaboration with Madagascar Ministry of Public Health in improving the system of public health in order to provide high quality healthcare to the people of Ifanadiana district.
Our vision is that Madagascar becomes a country where universal access to high quality healthcare enables everyone, including the most vulnerable and the most marginalised, to be free of preventable diseases and death. In partnership with communities of regions poor of resources, PIVOT combines accessible and comprehensive healthcare services with a thorough scientific research to save lives and break the cycles of poverty and disease.


Projet Jeune Leader

Projet Jeune Leader is an organisation of young people that works for young people, aiming to decrease school drop-outs, early pregnancy so Malagasy young people can have better future and good health. Projet Jeune Leader trains young animators called ‘Young Leader’ that work in public middle schools (CEG), provide information and raise awareness of young people regarding topics relating to leadership and young people heath. We work with public middle schools in the Amoron’i Mania, Vakinakaratra and Haute Matsiatra regions.


PSI Madagascar

PSI is an international organisation existing in more than 6 countries and working in the field of health with programmes fighting against malaria, child survival, nutrition, HIV prevention, reproductive health and non-communicable diseases. In partnership with public and private sectors, and exploiting the existence of the market, PSI provides products, clinical services and conducts communication campaigns to change behaviours, which then enable vulnerable people to live a healthy life. Since its creation in 1998, PSI Madagascar has been working in public health, combining resources of the private sector and the techniques of social engagement.

SEED Madagascar logo

SEED Madagascar

SEED Madagascar (Sustainable Environment, Education & Development in Madagascar) is an award-winning British registered charity. Operating in the south-east of Madagascar, we manage a wide range of sustainable development and conservation projects within the town of Fort Dauphin, as well as with numerous rural communities across the Anosy region.


Tanora Garan’Teen

Tanora Garan’Teen is primarily a project by, for and with Young People, launched in 2012. The first digital exchange platform discussing about youth health.
Our goal is to help young people through social networks and awareness raising activities in all its forms, such as radio program for a better decision-making.
TGT believes that ‘Young people are actors for a better future’



TOHANA association or TO Health And Nutrition Available is a the new name of the Groupement du Sud Association since October, 2020.
Our vision is to have Madagascar as role model country, having healthy productive and with good education human capital. Our mission is to support vulnerable families to access essential social services. Our activities focus on 4 fields: Health, Education, Nutrition and WASH.


Youth First

Founded in 2011, Youth First is a non-governmental organisation focusing on innovation, whose goal is to engage young people in the development process by creating a trustworthy environment where they can meet their full potential. Youth First vision is to bring together national community of young leaders, shapeless and actors of change in their respective community. To achieve this vision, we have three main missions: enabling young people to empower themselves through the acquisition of skills and knowledge; providing young people working tools and promoting youth friendly services and encouraging and amplifying young people’s voice.


Le Comité National de Lutte contre le Sida

Le Comité National de Lutte contre le SIDA (CNLS) is a multi-sectorial and multi-disciplinary institution of political and strategic orientation in the fight against AIDS in Madagascar. CNLS was establish by presidential decree N° 2002-1156 of October 2, 2002. It is the steering, deliberation and supervision body of actions within the framework of the fight against HIV/AIDS in Madagascar.
The Executive Secretary of CNSL (SE/CNLS) is the national institution for the fight against HIV/SIDA and has as main attributions the coordination of the implementation of national reference documents on the fight against HIV/AIDS and the monitoring-evaluation; promotion of activities related to sensitization, information, education and communication within the framework of the response to HIV/SIDA; supervision of activities of territorial intervention structures and providing them necessary technical support for interventions at their respective levels; defining political and strategic orientation of the fight against HIV/AIDS at national level; development and promotion of partnership with organisations of the civil society, governmental organisations working in the fight against HIV/AIDS.